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Biomass Grants and Resources

Jan 23, 2012   //   by Jon   //   News  //  Comments Off

Fuel Oil Steam Boiler

Hey everyone.  Let’s think about it: We have 22.3 Million acres of forest in Montana producing about 1 ton of new growth per acre or 22.3 Million Tons of new growth per year!  Yes, we need to keep our habitat for our rare specious, but what I am talking about is an opportunity to develop our new wood growth into sustainable model for job creation and localized energy production (Heat for buildings and even electricity).

Right now we have a HUGE fire risk with Montana’s non-existing winter and 2.7 Million acres dead forest due to beetle kill.  I would rather see us control the risk and burn the stored wood energy in a highly efficient way (lower C02 emissions than our coal-fired power plants) than keeping our fingers crossed in hope to avoid catastrophic event.

That is why the Northern Rocky Mountain RC&D is actively pursing Biomass projects in Gallatin, Park, and Meagher counties so that we can prove the technology developed in the last few years.  And did I mention that it saves money!  Wood can be clean and local, with prices lower than natural gas.  For many rural business, homes, and buildings on propane or fuel oil, a solution does exist that can make a huge dent in your bottom line.

We can heat our buildings with new growth produced in our back yard.  If you are interested in pursuing projects or  with our three county area, please contact the NRM RC&D at 406-222-7227 or email jon@nrmrcd.org.

Jon Shafer
Executive Director

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