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Natural Resources


Our natural resource programs include: wildfire preparedness; Big Sky Natural Resource Council; Gallatin/Big Sky Noxious Weed Committee; and woody biomass.  The RC&D partners with a variety of organizations and people to ensure the wise use of our natural resources.

Current Natural Resources Programs/Projects

Learn How You Can Better Protect Your Property From Wildfire

  • Free Property Assessment
  • Cost-Share Grant Money Available

We provide assistance to landowners who are interested in creating a survivable space around their home to reduce the danger from wildland fires. This program also addresses best management practices, forest stewardship, and tree insect and disease issues. Grant funds assist landowners with paying for fuels reduction and forest health work (clearing, thinning, trimming vegetation).



The Big Sky Natural Resource Council

  • Healthy Forest Initiative
  • Bear Smart Community
  • Big Sky Fire Safe Council

The mission of the Big Sky Natural Resource Council is to provide sustainable solutions for natural resource issues in the Big Sky community through a collaborative ecosystem approach.

Gallatin/Big Sky Noxious Weed Committee 

Sponsored by the RC&D, the citizen-led Gallatin/Big Sky Noxious Weed Committee was formed in 2004 to combat invasive plant species in the Big Sky Community and along the Gallatin River corridor. By bringing federal, state, and local partners together, the Committee has facilitated a successful multi-faceted campaign against noxious weeds that includes education & outreach, weed pulls, one-on-one landowner assistance, a cost share program, and weed mapping and monitoring. For more information click below or contact the program coordinator at 406-209-0905 or email bigskyweeds@gmail.com.

– Click Here to watch the 6 minute video on their work

– Online Application and Success Stories Coming Soon!


Woody Biomass

Sponsored by the DNRC, the Northern Rocky Mountain RC&D is pursuing BioMass Projects in Gallatin, Park, and Meager Counties.  For more information click below or contact the program coordinator Jon Shafer at 406-222-7227 or email jon@nrmrcd.org.

Click Here for information and Grant Opportunities on Woody Biomass